Movie Review – Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt is not entirely horrid. But it would have worked much better as a game. Much, much better.

Gods of Egypt is not entirely horrid, as some might say. But it would have worked much better as a game. Much, much better.

Gods of Egypt Synopsis

After seizing the throne of Egypt, the evil god Seth announces that the dead would have to pay riches in order to pass into the afterlife. To topple Seth, young thief Bek seeks the aid of Horus, the exiled God of the Air. But for Horus to battle Seth, Bek must first aid Horus in retrieving his source of power. His stolen eyes.

Snappy Comments

First and foremost, please do not watch Gods of Egypt if you’re hoping to learn about Egyptian mythology. Other than names, barely anything from this movie is Egyptian. This includes the choice of actors, as well as how ancient Egypt is portrayed as a whole.

That said, Gods of Egypt is not entirely a disaster. It’s incoherent at parts, and the more you think about the plot, the more ridiculous everything feels. If you could shut off, though, and just indulge in the game-like, stage-by-stage approach of the story, the movie is not too dull a way to spend two hours. As a gamer, I must confess I enjoyed the CGI backdrops, however un-Egyptian they felt. Gerard Butler’s screen presence and Brenton Thwaites’ boyish amiability also injected some enjoyable moments into the convoluted story. Although these moments were on the whole, too rare and apart.


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