Movie Review: Brain Damage

Classic Movie Review – Brain Damage

Gore, cheesy laughs, an unforgettable villain, get your dose of 80s delight with this cult classic horror comedy, Brain Damage.

Gore, cheesy laughs, an utterly unforgettable villain, get your dose of 80s delight with the cult classic horror comedy, Brain Damage.

Brain Damage Synopsis

Brian encounters a parasitic leech-like creature called Aylmer and begins a symbiotic relationship. In exchange for Aylmer’s highly addictive blue secretion, he would seek out a steady supply of human victims for the creature to feed on. Expectedly, this quickly destroys Brian’s life, and he tries vainly to break free of Aylmer’s hold. Things then take on a dangerous turn with Aylmer’s previous hosts confronting Brian, determined to reclaim the foul creature for their own use.

Snappy Review

There are many things I would like to say about Brain Damage, especially with regards to its addictive villain. But I shall refrain from doing so because this is one of those retro masterpieces that shines by never insisting you only enjoy it in one particular way.

Treat it as a social commentary about drugs? Fine. Watch it for the cheesy gore? Great. Love it for its irresistible villain? Wonderful!

In being so, Brain Damage fulfils the ultimate purpose for horror comedy. To entertain. Sure, some parts are nonsensical. Some of the effects could have also been better. But does it matter? No. End of the day, it’s all about gleeful entertainment. And in this area, the movie definitely delivers.

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