Movie Review: Triangle

Classic Movie Review – Triangle

Triangle is an expertly told time loop story. One brimming with intense, slasher film like horror.

Triangle is an expertly told time loop story. Brimming with intense, slasher-film like terror.

Triangle Synopsis

Jess and her friends are forced to board a mysterious ocean liner when their boat is capsized by a sudden storm. While investigating the liner, Jess experiences a weird sense of déjà vu and thereafter discovers signs of prior violence having taken place. Things then turn deadly as a masked assailant starts attacking them.

Snappy Review

I’ve watched several time-loop movies over the years, and Triangle was one of the most satisfying ones. Like all such movies, it ultimately still falters because of the inherent illogic of time-line overlaps, but skillful direction and superb acting prevent this from being too noticeable. At the same time, I also loved how the “real” story wasn’t immediately apparent. In fact, quite a bit of action happens within the triangle before that is gotten to. This roundabout approach, by the way, didn’t make the movie dreary. Instead, it thickened the intrigue. The truth, when finally revealed, also added a grim, unforgettable finishing touch to the movie. One that might, be warned, be a little too disturbing for some viewers.

(If you have watched the movie, and would love a detailed analysis of the “truth,” take a look at this very well written explanation.)


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