Movie Review – London Has Fallen

With London Has Fallen, we get yet another action thriller about a group that takes down the whole world, and one man taking down that incredible group within a day.

London Has Fallen is another action thriller about a group that takes down the world, and one man taking down that group within a day.

Years ago, movies like London has Fallen thrilled me. Nowadays they feel more to be over budgeted comedies. Aside from the impossibility of the plot, Gerard Butler’s character borders on godhood with his abilities. He feels quite capable of taking down all protagonists from the Far Cry, Call of Duty, Just Cause games series, and probably James Bond, Jason Bourne and maybe even Superman thrown in too. It’s like, oh man, the bullets just insist on dodging him don’t they? He doesn’t even need to deflect them, unlike Superman. This could have still been entertaining, had the humour been better crafted. I’m not talking about the jokes being xenophobic, as many critics have pointed out. Considered alone or as a whole, they were just downright bland, unoriginal and unfunny.


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