For something as important as ReLiving, as your next life, trust only the original experts.


Dear Jameson,

Thank you for your interest in Armax ReLiving.

In your inquiry, you asked what justified our higher pricing. Jameson, that is a very easy question to answer. We are more expensive because we are one of the three original ReLiving organisations. We are also more expensive because we never simply Terminate and Transfer our clients. At Sullust, we accompany our clients each step of the way leading to Termination. During Transfer, our extensive team of professionals manages your remaining affairs actively. Once Transfer is completed, we don’t immediately release you to the official habitats, but train you for two year in our elite academies before doing so. In short, Armax is an assured platform to a better life. We are without doubt, an assured step to a successful, fruitful, beautiful new life.

Did I also mention that we are Aurii managed? That our Transfer team is 100 per cent Aurii? Jameson, for something as important as your next life, is there any reason to settle for anything that is not managed by the original experts?

Words are not as convincing as we hope them to be though, and I understand that you would require more than an email before making your decision. If you could spare the time, my team would be delighted to host you at our main facility in Auron. Our private cruiser departs Singapore every Friday at 2300 hours, arriving in Auron the next morning at eight. Over the weekend, we would share with you details of our technologies and processes, as well as our many achievements in ensuring successful ReLiving. Subject to agreement by our existing clients, you might also get to:

1) Observe an actual Termination. We are proud to say that we are the only ReLiving Organisation licensed to provide 38 forms of Termination. Ever thought of terminating gloriously while charging into a battlefield? Ever dreamt of being serenaded by angelic choirs while entering your final sleep? It’s all possible with us.

2) Assist with Repository selection. Unlike lesser setups, we always offer at least five versions of an approved Repository for our clients to choose from. Some clients might appreciate feedback and advice during selection.

3) Partake in an actual Transfer procedure. Our more adventurous clients welcome unexpected talents and skills from strangers. You could help with this. Note that we are also the only licensed ReLiving organisation permitted to effect unregistered Transfer. (One talent per client, by ToA Regulations)

Note that this visit is entirely paid for at our end. You are only required to pay your own local departure taxes and duties.

Should you be keen to visit, simply inform me in writing and I will make the necessary arrangements. Meanwhile, I have attached two of our brochures for your perusal. Included in one of them is also a sample quotation for a standard package. I conclude this email by highlighting that when my people took up residence on Earth, we promised mankind that we would elevate the concept of human life to its deserved pedestal. ReLiving is the technology we use to fulfil that promise. With it, I assure you, your subsequent life will be made magnificent.

Yours Faithfully,
Chief Liaison Officer
Armax ReLiving, Inc


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Please check out my other short stories!

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