Movie Review: Eddie the Eagle

Movie Review – Eddie The Eagle

Eddie the Eagle is utterly predictable. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be thrilled by the triumphs of the protagonists.

The peculiarity of sports dramas like Eddie the Eagle is while they are utterly predictable, you can't help but be thrilled by the triumphs of the protagonists.

Eddie the Eagle Synopsis

Since young, Eddie Edward has dreamed of competing in the Olympics. He comes close to representing Britain as a skier, but is dropped from the team for being uncouth. As determined as ever, Eddie quickly discovers another opportunity. No ski jumper from Britain has contested in the Winter Olympics for 60 years, and so Eddie just needs to complete a 70-metre jump in order to qualify for entry. With great zest, Eddie then travels to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to train. His perseverance soon wins him the mentorship of American ex-champion jumper, Bronson Peary.

Snappy Review

I didn’t know what to expect from this. Not only am I unfamiliar with winter sports and its champions, I also tend to avoid sports dramas.

Turns out, Eddie the Eagle was an exhilarating experience, some parts of which I would consider to be more thrilling than Dawn of Justice. Much of this movie’s likeability stems from the superior acting of the two leads. Taron Edgeton with his childlike determination to enter the Olympics. And Hugh Jackson with his classic Wolverine-ish gruffly affability. If I were to make one complaint about the movie, it would only be that it made ski-jumping seemed a sport that anyone, even a clumsy, unworldly nerd, could effortlessly excel in. But that’s also another achievement of the movie. The characters are so attractive to commiserate with, you are quite willing to ignore all logic loopholes.


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