Movie Review: Bastille Day

Movie Review – Bastille Day

As a popcorn thriller, Bastille Day excites. But it wouldn’t go down in film history as any sort of classic.

Bastille Day movie review.

Bastille Day Synopsis

When the handbag he stole detonates and kills four persons, drifter and pickpocket Michael Mason finds himself at the heart of an elaborate conspiracy. One that involves a rogue CIA agent, crooked cops, and plans to incite racial unrest throughout Paris.

Snappy Review

I think it’s obvious what’s there to expect from an action flick like Bastille Day. So I wouldn’t discuss it that way.

Instead, I’d ask the question: how should countries react when portrayed as imbeciles in movies?

In 2005, Slovakia protested vehemently when painted as a murderous backwater in Hostel. I bet my country wouldn’t have very cordial comments if portrayed that way. When it comes to the leading countries of the world, as in the ones at the front line of the war against terror, how should they react when implied to be morons who can’t even watch their own feet?

My suspicion, they don’t care. Because it’s the enshrined formula for action thrillers. Neither would they bother with how it’s almost always one super spy/agent from the United States, typically with authority issues, who saves the day with barely a bruise. Optimistically, I could say this indicates a maturity in modern audiences, as in viewers today already know to differentiate between reality and fiction. Still, I wonder whether the truth is that viewers continue to long for superhero saviours to instantly deliver everybody from evil. And in that desire, fail to achieve the escape craved for, when losing themselves in such impossible plots.


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