Movie Review: The Angry Birds Movie

Movie Review – The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie is strictly for fans of the app and kids. For the rest of us, it’s two hours of inane humour.

You would enjoy The Angry Birds Movie, but only if you're a big fan of the game.

The Angry Birds Movie Synopsis

On Bird Island, cheerless Red is sentenced to anger management classes after his tantrum causes the premature hatching of a customer’s egg. He is resentful and humiliated, but gets to befriend Chuck, Bomb and Terence. Not long thereafter, a fanciful boat full of pigs arrives at the island, with the captain, Leonard, proclaiming friendship and peace. Suspicious of Leonard’s real motivation, Red investigates and discovers the pigs’ true fiendish purpose. Red then rallies his fellow birds for a counterattack when the pigs succeed in escaping Bird Island. On arriving at Piggy Island, they decide to do so by firing themselves into the pigs’ walled city using a giant slingshot.

Snappy Review

I guess no one would be too offended if I call The Angry Birds Movie a money milking attempt. Because what else is it? You have an app that took the world by storm. The app accomplished something that even Mario and Link couldn’t boast of; it achieved popularity with the elderly and the very young. What’s the next step in sensible marketing? Make a movie! Promote it with tons of roadshows and merchandising and make more, more money!

From this perspective, The Angry Birds Movie could be considered as successful. It positively drips with fan service, with every moment of the plot pushing towards the exhilarating climax of … slinging immortal birds towards a piggy city. Never mind that most things barely make sense. Or that it’s never at all explained why some birds could go BOOM or enact AoE devastation on impact. As a non-player/fan, I regret to say the movie bored me terribly. It felt like a draggy two-hour intro to the game, one’s that annoyingly draggy. And no, it did not tempt me into downloading the app. On the contrary, it actually pushed me away. I had more than my fill of flightless magical birds and conniving pigs to last for quite a while.


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