Movie Review – Warcraft: The Beginning

You might still enjoy Warcraft: The Beginning, even if you not a gamer. Just be ready for loads of confusing names and back stories.

Warcraft: The Beginning movie review.

Warcraft: The Beginning Synopsis

Orcs from the doomed world of Draenor opens a magical portal and attempts to invade the world of Azeroth. They successfully raid several settlements, and Anduin Lothar, the human commander defending Azeroth, seeks help from the powerful Guardian of Tirisfal after discovering the Orcs’ use of fel magic. Within the Orc forces, Durotar, Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, becomes increasingly uneasy with Gul’dan, the warlock who introduced fel magic to the orcs. He eventually decides to ally with the humans, when he learns that it was fel magic that destroyed Draenor in the first place.

Snappy Review

I admit I was rather … angry when I reviewed The Angry Birds Movie. Not that I felt it wasted my time, or that I wanted my money back, but it was clearly another case of why games wouldn’t translate well to movies. The plot was flimsy. Most plot elements did not make sense. The whole movie felt to be no more than an extended advertisement, for an already immensely popular and profitable game.

Frankly, Warcraft: The Beginning suffers from the same flaws. Like The Angry Birds Movie, it is visually superior, its rendering of Azeroth a visual feast for fans and non-fans alike.

Everything else, on the other hand, is dragged down by the compulsion and the necessity for box-office takings to perform fan service at every step. Way too many characters are introduced too quickly, many of whom also subsequently enjoying little or no development. The unaddressed questions of why Orcs chose to embrace Fel magic when it was obviously destructive, who exactly was Garona, how Medivh was tainted by Fel magic would also baffle non-players of the game franchise. To be fair to Blizzard Entertainment and their co-producers, perhaps these concerns are irrelevant. After all, their main audience would be all the hordies and allies of their games, such as myself. I do wonder though, how enjoyable would the viewing experience be for someone completely alien to the franchise? Would it earn Blizzard new subscribers to its enduring MMO? Would purchases for its classic RTSs increase?

I doubt so.


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