Movie Review – Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters (2016) is far from the disaster fans thought it would be. But it’s unlikely to achieve the cult status its predecessor enjoys.

It's not as bad as everyone thought it would be. But Ghostbusters (2016) is unlikely to enjoy the same success its predecessor had.

I’m not a huge fan of Ghostbusters (1984). Because of that, I didn’t feel that strongly, or should I say negatively, about this reboot. Sure, the whole gender-reversal thing seemed pointless. I remain puzzled by why the producers chose to do a reboot, instead of a continuation. These aside, I was quite willing to give this reboot a go. I didn’t expect to be awed. Neither did I expect to be disgusted.

I didn’t regret watching. It was a light-hearted 2 hours. With a slimy big bash at the end and plenty of Easter eggs to research thereafter. It was while researching these Easter Eggs that I realised the best scenes of Ghostbusters (2016) all relied on fan service, be it in the form of homage to the 1984 production, or to other action and horror flicks. (The most obvious for the latter being The Exorcist) Subtract away these and Ghostbusters (2016) comes across as decisively insipid. Boring even. At the same time, I also fail to see why some critics found the acting praiseworthy. While they did try, there were plenty of scenes in which the comedic element was either overcooked or missed entirely. They came across as so tired.


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