Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Movie Review – Star Trek Beyond

Like the original series, the chief selling point of Star Trek Beyond is the impeccable synergy between all crew members.

Like the original series, Star Trek Beyond's chief selling point is the impeccable synergy between the crew members. In this case, also Kirk's trust in them to always have the perfect solution.


Star Trek Beyond Synopsis

After applying for a promotion to vice admiral, Captain James T. Kirk is dispatched on a rescue mission to an uncharted nebula from which an escape pod has drifted out of. On nearing an asteroid field in the nebula, the Enterprise is brutally attacked by a swarm of small ships, resulting in it crash landing on the planet Altamid. With most of his crew captured or separated from him, Kirk decides to raid the camp of Krall, the mutated former captain of the Federation responsible for the attack. On rescuing his crew, Kirk confirms Krall’s real intention. In possession of an ancient bio-weapon, Krall intends to raid the nearby Yorktown Federation base, before launching an all-out attack on the Federation itself.

Snappy Review

With shame, I admit I watched Gene Roddenberry’s original series without ever catching his greater message. In some ways, the series did affect me subtly, I tend to be “international” in many of my viewpoints. But it wasn’t till the age of the Internet that I learnt Star Trek was Roddenberry’s vision of a world without racial or colour differences. A world in which conflict is resolved through (Vulcan-like) discussion and cooperation, not war. And in the case of Star Trek Beyond, also a world in which sexual orientation is irrelevant.

By honouring Roddenberry’s message in the story line, Star Trek Beyond would no doubt thrill die-hard fans. As well as earn the franchise a whole new generation of followers. Beyond the exuberance of phaser fights and spaceship crashes, though, one might start to wonder how seriously the movie itself takes this exhortation.

It’s like, everyone works wonderfully with everybody else. There’s also always a perfect solution for every pinch. (Simon Pegg’s Scotty must be the most talented engineer throughout all Quadrants) Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t discount the entertainment value of the movie. It’s still a visual extravaganza, especially the space fights. Just that, you really need to watch this the way you would with an episode of the original series i.e. with buckets of enthusiasm and optimism. While doing so, don’t even think of questioning whether interracial and interspecies unity is nothing but an illusion. This is an illusion that is enticing, exciting, and uplifting. But in truth, it’s probably no more than a boyish captain’s nebulous fantasy of always having perfect crew buddies.


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  1. As a proud Trekker, this is exactly what I was hoping to hear. I can’t wait to see this movie. Thanks for the review.

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