Movie Review: Creepshow

Classic Movie Review – Creepshow

One of the most beloved horror anthologies from the 80s, Creepshow is a tour de force by three celebrated masters of the horror genre.

One of the most beloved horror anthologies from the 80s, Creepshow is a tour de force by three celebrated masters of the horror genre.

Creepshow Synopsis

Fathers’ Day: The corpse of Nathan Grantham returns to life to enact vengeance on his daughter. For a slight he cannot ignore even in death.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill: A dim-witted boor believes that the meteorite that has fallen into his backyard is the solution for his debts. It is, but not in the way the poor fellow expects.

Something to Tide You Over: Richard Vickers murders his wife and her lover in the most dastard way imaginable. Naturally, such a man deserves a fate as cruel as his execution.

The Crate: What do you with a crate containing a horrific, man-eating monster? You ask your loving wife to open it, of course!

They’re Creeping Up on You: Ruthless businessman Upson Pratt is faced with his worst nightmare. A blackout is heading his way. Very soon, his hermetically sealed apartment would be utterly vulnerable to the horrors of the world.

Snappy Review

I first watched Creepshow on late night TV in 1991, on a school night, and my takeaway from it was: OMG, I feel so much better about the world already! This is classic storytelling of the nasty getting what they deserve at its best. It gleefully tickles our innate craving for elaborate revenge schemes and the likes of. Trust me, you’ll feel much better about our horrible world after watching this. The next day, you’ll be down with a heady hangover from guilty indulgence too.

As for favourite segment, mine’s No. 4, The Crate. I choose this over Father’s Day, a straightforward tale written by Stephen King for the movie, and The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, in which King himself delivers an unforgettable portrayal of a hillbilly, because The Crate best encapsulates the talents of the three big names behind this anthology. Romero’s signature satirical touch is unmistakable in this nasty little story. Gleefully brought to horrific life by King’s delightful plotting and Savini’s playful effects. The two questions you’d be asking after watching The Crate are, do you wanna a crate? Or are you a crate to someone else? Disturbing questions, yes? But be assured that you wouldn’t be losing any sleep over them. You would actually fall asleep while grinning. The story was told to you in such a wickedly fun way.


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