Movie Review: The Accountant

Movie Review – The Accountant

 The Accountant is the Ben Affleck Batman performance that should have been. Even if, like BvS, it’s also dragged down by a convoluted script.

I would summarize The Accountant as, the Ben Affleck Batman performance that should have been. One, like BvS, that’s dragged down by a convoluted script.

The short of it, I got bored with The Accountant before it was a third through. The story started off intriguing enough. A suit-wearing hunk who crunches numbers for the underworld, is autistic and also shoots like Deadshot. Quickly, however, the plot swirls into a mess of lame cliques that you could predict a mile away. It was as if the scriptwriters were unsure what makes for a good story in this genre, so they dumped in every anti-hero stereotype they could think of. The result. Messy. So very messy and confusing. Anti-climactic at every turn too.

Which is a pity for Ben Affleck delivers a commendable performance. His character’s suave deadliness, and child-like quirkiness, quickly engages, and one is inclined to cheer for him during those oh-so-awesome moves. For me, this brings in the question of whether Affleck would have fared better in his other major role of 2016, i.e. Batman, if given a script that doesn’t portray him as an unthinking blockhead. I think so. I could also easily imagine The Accountant as Bats, The Voice as Oracle, Marybeth Medina as an alternate Commissioner Gordon, etc. In that sense, I think I wouldn’t mind a sequel to this movie. One with a better script, that is. That is unlikely to happen, though. Why would producers splurge on two so similar characters? The Accountant is likely to end up as one of those movies you watch on paid TV, only when there’s a flash 1.99 sale.


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