Movie Review: Sing

Movie Review – Sing

Sing is your typical festive season feel good movie. One that thrills and lifts with magnificent vocals and crafty insight.


In a year with several animated blockbusters featuring cutesy talking animals, the story for Sing comes across as especially trite. Anthropomorphic animals in an American Idol-like contest? A city populated by herbivores and carnivores all living in peace? What’s there to laugh about outside of outrageous human impersonations? What have we not seen before?

Plenty, I was pleased to discover. The incredible singing by the voice cast aside, Sing shines bright with how it acknowledges all the stereotypical expectations we have about singing contestants, and craftily spins an uplifting laugh around these. Be it the weary housewife who’s really the next Susan Boyle, or the painfully shy everyday girl with the voice of an angel, there’s no surprise over their outcomes or even what they would perform for the finale. But it’s exactly this predictability that makes their acts so satisfying. So pleasing and so fulfilling.

Special mention must also be made of the intelligent casting choices of Sing. Would you expect the new gentleman spy, Taron Egerton, to be able to croon like that? Would emotional punk rocking be a talent you would associate with Black Widow Scarlett Johansson? (Though she has recorded professionally before) In my opinion, these choices slyly reinforce the fantasies we are all so eager to embrace. That beneath even the most unlikely characters is a talented vocalist ready to burst out in song. That you and I could also be that songbird. Comically naive, yes. But for a movie that is all about feeling good, this works perfectly. And it is oh-so-entertaining while doing so.


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