Movie Review – Underworld: Blood Wars

Someone seriously needs to stake or bullet every immortal in Underworld: Blood Wars. That way, we can be spared another sequel.

Underworld: Blood Wars is an utterly unnecessary & meaningless sequel. There is little development or resolution, and those new to the franchise would be bewildered by the endless flashbacks.

Underworld: Blood Wars Synopsis

Pursued by both Vampires and Lycan, and double-crossed by Semira of the Eastern Coven, Selene turns to the Nordic Coven for refuge. Together with Vidar, the Elder of the Nords, and his daughter Lena, Selene then repels an invasion by the Eastern Coven. In the process, discovering the fate of her Lycan-Vampire hybrid lover, Michael.

Snappy Review

I made a mistake. Before watching Underworld: Blood Wars, I didn’t revisit the synopses on Wikipedia.

It doomed me. Confounded me for two hours. For whatever reason, the producers deemed it fine to keep referencing characters and events from the previous movies, including those given minimal screen time in the first movie thirteen years ago. I understand it’s an Underworld tradition for storylines to continue immediately from the preceding one. But with the last movie released near five years ago, surely viewers could not be expected to remember all convoluted sub-plots and twists as if yesterday? It helps little too that flashback scenes are no more than bewildering montages. Frenetic slideshows peppered with names of long deceased and forgotten characters.

On top of which there is the fact that there is really no more story to tell. Something which Underworld: Blood Wars will thoroughly convince you about. The conflict really ended long ago in Underworld: Evolution (2006) with the slaying of every major antagonist. All three movies that followed were but tenuous efforts to milk the franchise further. There was a bit of promise with Underworld: Awakening (2012), with the inclusion of the human world into the conflict. Inexplicably, there was scant reference in this new episode. Once more it’s back to sexy vampires against feral lycans. Seriously, someone needs to stake or silver bullet every one of these undeads. The story is long dead. Please stay dead.


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