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The Warriors Gate attempts to be a Karate Kid & Forbidden Kingdom in-between. It ends up being two hours of unbearably lame humour.

The Warriors Gate attempts to be a Karate Kid & Forbidden Kingdom in-between. What it is, in the end, is two hours of unbearable lame humour.

Plain and simple. This movie sucks. Big time.

It’s not the story. I’ve played games or watched anime with flimsier stories. It’s not the terrible dubbing or lacklustre kung-fu fights either. I’m not that much of a fanatic about technical perfection. I don’t expect every movie to have Oscar worthy technical perfection.

It’s how The Warriors Gate is entirely dependent on outdated 80s racial stereotypes. Note that I wrote racial instead of Asian, for the movie does it with both Chinese and Western actors. Understandably, a story with this sort of East / West crossover would have to rely on some stereotypes for humour. But for goodness’ sake, at least try to get the comedic timing right? Every joke in this movie either felt late, lame, or just waaaaayyyyyyy too drawn out.

To quote the (Singlish spewing) youngster who sat behind me in the cinema. “Nabei. Still got people make this kind of movie meh?”



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