Introducing my new Diary category. My somewhat convoluted solution for not being able to maintain regular updates for this blog.

Update – The New Diary Category

Okay, this is embarrassing.

My “godson” often criticises me for having the tendency of leaving projects unfinished. Because I delve into too many things at any one time. This is true, admittedly. As I wrote in my About Me page, I terminated my previous blog because I worked on too many categories. Right now, it seems to be happening again. I started different story sets. I have one extended story less than half done. I’m also doing movie reviews, and outside of this blog, I’m putting up articles in HubPages and uploading videos to two channels on YouTube.

Baroque! To quote my boy’s favourite accusation. Baroque!

Hmph! Time to consolidate. By … creating the new category of Diary. The one this post is filed under.

Diary? What the …

Under this category, I’d be putting up very traditional blog posts. The “where I went,” “what I did,” “what I saw and didn’t conquer” types.

I realised I’m never going to maintain regular updates if I’m only putting up short stories. I simply can’t think of a new story or rant every other day. Till now, I’m been using movie reviews to fill in, but that has resulted in the blog now resembling a movie critique site, which I never intended it to be. Worse, the longer I stay away from this blog, the more uninclined I am to work on it. From logging in every day to do something, I’m currently logging in like, once a week.

This new category, Diary, is my (convoluted) solution for this situation. It works along the hopes of, when you do some work on something, more ideas for some more work for that something floats along. (Makes sense?) Sort of like, the more you write, the easier it is to think of things to write about. (This one makes more sense, I believe!) Anyhow, this is ultimately a personal blog, not a showcase or a help site or articles feature. I concluded I ought not to overly fuss on niche and direction. I should just find some way to write enjoyably for it.

Right! That’s it. My introduction for the new category. Now to working on the next posts for this diary section. And preparing all the pics for it.


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