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Movie Review – Allied

Allied is one of those movies great for a simple night out or a short flight. Not if you’re looking for gritty wartime depiction.

Allied is one of those movies great for a simple night out or a short flight. Not when you’re looking for emotional wartime depiction.

Allied Synopsis

Royal Canadian Air Force Intelligence Officer Max Vatan is dispatched to Morocco to assassinate the Nazi German Ambassador. He is partnered with French Resistance fighter Marianne Beauséjour, whom he soon falls in love with and marries. After their Moroccan mission, the couple settles down in Hampstead and Marianne gives birth to a baby girl named Anna. One day, Max is ordered to execute a new mission. To his horror, his wife might not be whom she claims to be.

Snappy Review

I was of half a mind to skip writing a review for Allied. Reason being, I’m quite at a loss of what to say about it.

It’s such a safe production, you see. With nothing that’s very right or very wrong. The leads are great to look at. Nothing they say or do invites controversy. And while the story has a fair portion of suspenseful, ambiguous moments, I seriously doubt the ending is going to truly surprise anyone. As for the sets, they are atmospheric and nostalgic, a vague reminder of grand wartime sagas from the previous century. But ground breaking? Awe inspiring? I think most viewers would say no.

In summary, I think the only reasonable thing to say about Allied is that it’s a decent watch. Be it at the cinema, via cable, or on a plane. You wouldn’t hate it, that’s impossible with a screen couple so attractive. But remember it? Hold it to heart? I don’t think so. Down the road, it would be interesting to see how Allied eventually fares in the careers of the leads and director. I suspect it might just be brushed aside. There’s simply not very much to critique or review about it.

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