Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. The world needs to work on accepting that.

Confirm Plus Chop. Donald Trump is POTUS!

The unthinkable has happened. Donald Trump, the billionaire, the detested, the monster, is now President of the United States. The world spent the weekend resisting this frightful reality.

Some marched. Some shamed. Others chose to write and rant. I opt for the third relief.

To be honest, I didn’t worry too much about four years of Trump administration, even after his win. This was because I continued to think of him as Businessman Trump and Showbiz Trump, rather than President Trump. To me, his bark has always felt to be (far) worse than his bite. Whatever he said and done appeared to be marketing-inspired gimmicks for seducing immediate attention. As of today, it appears I am likely hopelessly deluded with my views, given the man commenced execution of Obamacare within hours of his inauguration. Despite the wistful longing of some political pundits, it very much looks like Mr. Trump is really going to fulfil every fearful promise he made to his supporters.

Which would be things like that wall. Or at least a policy wall that bars certain people from American soil.

On top of evicting them.

And the TPP. The one thing my country, Singapore, is most concerned with.

Asia Pacific stability. What’s going to happen with America’s boss no longer interested in America being big brother?

Those poor countries depending on American presence for security. What is Mr. Trump going to invoice for continued presence?

The abysmal list goes on.

I guess in times like this, we ought to remember certain idioms and adages. You know, sayings like what every cloud has, what also emerged from that box Pandora opened. Yes, I’m saying something good did come out of this. Rather reluctantly, the world is forced to acknowledge that the USA cannot possibly play helpful big brother forever. There will be a time when its leaders and people tire of the burden and resulting hostilities. Actually, has it not already happened? Down the road, should the world insist the USA stays on, thus deepening its resentment? Or should the world start considering it’s exactly because the USA had been forced to play leader for too long, that’s why Donald Trump happened.

And so instead of protesting the man, deriding his family, condemn his supporters, f*** all of those. Work on accepting this reality that the President of the United States is not always going to be the helpful big guy everybody can depend on. That’s he’s not always going to come to the table.

As for the domestic conflicts that have already gripped USA, which so many non-Americans are so furious about, well, please let the Americans work it out themselves. Because who else other than they have the right and the power to do so? Do you not think the rest of us just complicate the situation, by insisting on involvement?

World “Leaders” React to Donald Trump

I don’t intend to write another post on this topic. So I’d put this here.

I read several articles on reactions of world leaders to the inauguration. Outside of standard diplomatic congratulations, quite a few leaders expressed concern about trade, security arrangements, etc.

I could have misinterpreted. But it felt to me few leaders care about the concerns of the Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

Think about it. If you live in a town called Nowhere in the great heart of the United States. If you are convinced you lost your job because it was sub-contracted out to foreign countries. Or maybe you’re just a nobody who had the scare of the century because of some terrorist act. And you voted for Trump. How would these warnings sound to you? In addition to the name callings by tens of thousands of netizens?

And if you’re the Potus, oh man, who began your presidency with like a quarter of the world marching against you and ridiculing you. Who would you work doubly hard on pleasing, if only to secure your position for the time moment?

Again, I think it’s because too many people forget that the American President is first and foremost, the leader of the Americans. That’s why a Donald Trump presidency happened.


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