The Space Between Us Review

Movie Review – The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us would have worked far better, had it not been so determined to stay beautiful

The Space Between Us is a classic young adult romance with an unusual setting. Its main failure is its hesitation to exploit the potency of its premise.

Beneath its ostentatious façade of interplanetary travel, The Space Between Us is a simple YA love story. Sheltered boy meets streetwise girl. The two run away and go on a road trip, while horrible adults pursue clumsily. After some tribulations, the lovers are forced to part, but because their love is so pure, all is not lost. There is hope of them meeting again. Love transcends all, including the millions of miles between planets.

I love to cheer for a movie that’s so blatantly optimistic about life. And at various points, it’s not hard to, with the movie choked full of oh-wow visual moments in its zealousness to convince how beautiful the Earth is. Beyond these, however, the movie comes across as overly sanitised and superficial. Scrubbed free of any form of ugliness and made as barren of it as Mars is of life. It doesn’t help too that the lack of chemistry between the two young leads is obvious. They do try, but sparks just do not fly. A lot of times, both are lost in their own deliveries. A situation, incidentally, shared by Gary Oldman’s Branson-like tycoon character. One leaves the cinema feeling the sophistication of the movie’s premise was barely touched upon. No. I should say sophistication was shied away from. The whole story was kept too clinically clean and beautiful.


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  1. Ugh….this movie was way too sappy of teen drama. I do like some of the cast, but even that couldn’t help this movie from being a pretty “blah” movie. Good review!

Thank you for your comment.