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Gritty and unforgiving, yet also movingly thoughtful, Logan is the dark X-Men movie fans have waited too long for.

Gritty and unforgiving, yet also thoughtful and sentimental, Logan is the dark X-Men movie we have waited too long for.

Logan Synopsis

The year is 2029 and mutants have become rare and few in the world. Somewhere in Texas, Wolverine spends his days working as a chauffeur while sheltering a senile Professor X and struggling with the slow demise of his powers. One day, he reluctantly accepts a job to drive a woman named Gabriela and her daughter to North Dakota. The job throws him into open conflict with the deadly Alkali-Transigen organization, during which Wolverine discovers Gabriela’s daughter might be closer to him than he realises.

Snappy Review

To be honest, I didn’t look forward to Logan. While I agree that Hugh Jackman did a phenomenal job portraying Mr. Adamantium bones over the years, the character himself never appealed to me. Wolverine was just too gruffly, too feral to be likeable. There were also many other X-Men with way more fascinating powers. Given a choice, I would have preferred a Gambit movie rather than another Wolverine one. I felt enough have been said about Project X.

Because of that, I walked into the cinema without much enthusiasm. And oh gosh, was I blown away. This is one of those movies you know within five minutes of viewing that you are going to love for a long, long time. Everything just feels right. From the lighting, to the camera direction, to the story flow, and especially the unapologetic violence. At the heart of everything is also Jackman and Stewart delivering their finest X-Men performances. Performances stripped of any political correctness or screen glamour, and focused purely on the grim realities the story insists you must know. This is the Wolverine and Professor X at their worst. Correspondingly, this is also them at their most human and most moving. To me, they felt to be at their most beautiful too.

Without a doubt, Logan is the finest X-Men movie made to date. This is The Dark Knight Rises equivalent for Marvel. In my opinion, there is no better swansong for Hugh Jackman’s, and possibly Patrick Stewart’s, X-Men journeys.

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