More Persona 5 Screenshots: Open-World Roaming – Apr 4, 2017

More Persona 5 screenshots. Taken during my exploration of the various open-world areas in the game.

Yongen-Jaya (四軒茶屋)

The starting area of the game, Yogen-Jaya, is based on Sangen-Jaya (三軒茶屋), a station on the Den-en-toshi line of Tokyo. It is very much just one short main street and one alleyway. To be honest, the area felt really dreary on first impression, which I suppose was what the game intended. There is a battling cage here, as well as a sento. The overall feel is that of an aged, working class neighbourhood. Most teenagers would groan at the thought of living here.

Persona 5 Screenshots: Yongenjaya Supermarket
The supermarket at the heart of Yongen-Jaya. For the moment, it’s the most interesting looking feature.
Persona 5 Screenshots: Yongen-Jaya backstreets
The district has seen better days, that’s for sure.
Persona 5 Screenshots: Fuji no Yu Sento
The sento opposite where the protagonist lives. I would love to have a sento at my doorstep!
Persona 5 Screenshots: Takemi Medical Clinic
I kinda like the dodgy clinic.

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Shujin Academy (秀尽学園高校)

Compared to Yongenjaya, Shujin Academy is huge with two buildings of three floors each. Students are everywhere and practically every door permits some sort of interaction. With all sorts of nasty rumours flying about, the school also has a heavy air of negativity. This is one school I would hate to be in. I really empathise with the protagonists for being stuck there.

Persona 5 Screenshots: Shujin Academy
Corridor outside the protagonist’s classroom.
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shujin Academy
Every door allows some sort of interaction. This was a little overwhelming during my first run. So many things to explore!
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shujin Academy
What I like about Shujin Academy: the little details scattered everywhere to add to the feel of the place. Outside the biology room, you’d find an anatomical model and medical jars. Elsewhere, you would find easels outside the art room.

Shibuya Station (渋谷駅)

The showpiece of Persona 5. It lives up to expectations in the sense it quite successfully projects that labyrinthine feeling of major Japanese train stations; I’m still trying to piece together how the various areas connect. Like Shujin Academy, almost every shopfront allows for some sort of interaction , although many brings on no more than a short comment. (This might change deeper into the game) My favourite areas here are undoubtedly Central Street and the Underground Mall. With a little imagination, it’s not hard to imagine myself actually shopping in Shibuya.

Persona 5 Screenshots: Shibuya Station
Navigation here reminds me of my first real-life encounter with Tokyo Station in 1998. I was still getting lost after three days.
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shibuya Central Street
Central Street, with view towards the station and just before the famous crossing.
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shibuya Central Street crepes.
Shibuya Crepes!
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shibuya Drug Store
It’s actually quite ticklish to see how Atlus renames famous brands to avoid copyright issues. Next to this pharmacy, there’s a “Toyo” cinema.
Persona 5 Screenshots: Convenience Store
Of all the Persona 5 screenshots in this post, this is the one that feels most “Japanese” to me. If you’ve been to Japan, you would know what I mean when I say their convenience stores are must-see attractions.
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shibuya Station Underground Mall
My favourite area! I feel like spending every last yen I have. BTW, that’s a “Body Chop” to my right.
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shibuya Station Underground Mall
Omiyage store. And Babel (Tower) Records. *chortle*
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shibuya Station Smoking Area
Kudos to Atlus for including my favourite area outside Japanese train stations. It’s the sheltered version too!
Persona 5 Screenshots: Shibuya Station Crossing
Last but not least, another view of the famous Shibuya Station Crossing.

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Update Apr 12: More Tokyo Locations!

There about 30 – 40 per cent into the game, I think. And more locations have opened up!

Several of these are date locations, where there would be cutscenes and talking and all that, but no roaming possibilities. They do still add to the overall venturing-all-over-Tokyo feel.

Persona 5 Screenshot: Tokyo Locations
The subway/train map grows. Tokyo veterans should know why that particular train line is green.
Persona 5 Screenshot: Kanda
One of the more unique looking locations.
Persona 5 Screenshot: Shinjuku Red Light District
Is this Kam … Kamurocho?!?!

On the third screenshot. Shinjuku is accessible from the middle of the third mission onwards. With all the Yakuza activities involved in that mission, how could I not immediately think of Ryu ga Gotoku? Oh, how I wish Kiryu-no-Aniki pops up to kick away those pesky shadows in the third palace. (Would be a wonderful substory for him too.)

Persona 5 Screenshot: Ryu ga Gotoku cameo
Like A Dragon? A story about a mafia boss who gets killed and the money goes missing?!

And the Yakuza series does make a cameo! The Japanese name, Ryu ga Gotoku, translates directly to “like a dragon.” Morgana’s subsequent comments of the movie completely describes the plot of Yakuza 1 too.

(If you’re wondering why this tribute, Atlus is currently a subsidiary of Sega Games. The latter acquired Atlus’ previous parent, Index Corporation, after Index declared bankruptcy. With P5 being a PlayStation exclusive and all that, little surprise Sega would take the chance to do some promotion for its most renowned PlayStation series. At least, that’s my guess!)

All screengrabs copyright property of Atlus.
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