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Persona 5 Tips: 15 Things I Could Have Done Better in the Game – Apr 8, 2017

My list of Persona 5 tips. Compiled based on my mistakes. Seems like I suck even in cyber social life. : (

1) Be a Bookworm

In my opinion, this is the most important of all Persona 5 tips. Books are incredible ways to power-up social stats, in addition to unlocking new locations and quick travels. You wouldn’t get the opportunity to read very often, but you certainly do not want to be without a good book when these occasions surface.

Always have one unread book checked out from the school library with you. You can also pick up books at different locations, or buy some from the bookstores at Shibuya Central Street and Shinjuku. The summary, be the nerdy student who always carries a library of reading materials everywhere. Be aware too that the library and book shops progressively introduce new titles.

Persona 5 Tips
IMO, the most important of all Persona 5 tips. Always have something to read with you!

2) Palaces Takes Several Days to Clear

Palaces need at least three days to clear. Even if you could rampage your way from start to end in one run, you’d still need to send calling cards and re-infiltrate the palace on another day to complete a mission.

Certain story arcs would also force you out of a palace beyond certain points. Either because something must be done before further exploration, or because your team feels there needs to be more preparation.

In short, don’t leave everything till the deadline. You don’t want to be caught in the situation of being unable to restock your inventory or level-up because you have no days left! My suggestion is to do it ASAP within the time frame given.

3) Check the Calendar

Events like examinations could massively disrupt your schedule because they disallow free activities during those days. They also require preparation in order to reap maximum benefit. Prepare for them adequately by always checking your calendar. On the bright side, the game doesn’t inflict mission deadlines during these important days, so you do not have to worry about that.

4) Get to Work!

For some reason, I was adverse to part-timing (LOL), till I discovered they provide social skills boosts. Later, I realised you also need to work in order to advance certain social links and to identity Mementos targets.

Set aside time for arubaito regularly. Aim also to do different ones. Like how it’s portrayed in Anime, the diligent student who part-times regularly always ends up the better boy. There are loads of benefits to be reaped here.

Persona 5 Tips
Don’t spend all your free time loitering in malls!  Get a job, boy!

5) Have a Backup Healer

This is more of a strategy thing, which you can ignore if you’re that great with combat. SP depletes really quickly in Palaces and Mementos. One way to limit this is to place a secondary healer in the backup team. I.E., this secondary healer performs healing outside of combat. Understandably, this is not always possible for various reasons. In which case, you might like to consider making Joker the primary healer, just so as to put aside another one.

6) Don’t Splurge Every Yen on Gear

Like I would for other RPGs, I headed immediately to the airsoft shop after each Palace visit to upgrade gear. Twice, my team then wore their flashy new purchases for two in-game days, before finding equivalent or better ones in Mementos.

I even found the same shirts! Bah!

Tip. Don’t be so quick to buy after earning cash from Palaces. Give Mementos a run first. Gear is very expensive in Persona 5. Do note too that some social links require massive amounts of cash too.

7) Don’t Neglect Mementos

Mementos is the P3 Tartarus-like, free-roaming dungeon of Persona 5. Its gloomy tunnels might turn off those who dislike hard-core dungeon crawling. But please, do not skip Mementos.

It’s a wonderful place to grind, be it for money, gear ,or personas. Going through Mementos is also faster than you would expect since you’re driving in Morgana Bus. Suggestion, try to do a Mementos run before hitting a palace. Believe me, it would make your palace mission easier.

Persona 5 Tips
Many other Persona 5 tips articles emphasised this. Mementos is Persona 5’s convenient grinding engine.

8) Don’t Enter Palaces or Mementos without Lockpicks

Locked chests offer superior inventory and gear. It really sucks if you come across one and cannot open it.

This is especially so for Mementos, which overall, feels to have more locked chests. (Try re-visiting levels)

My suggestion, bring at least three lockpicks with you for all palace infiltrations or Mementos run. Note that the time to make these wouldn’t be wasted too, since you gain proficiency points.

9) You Don’t Need to Kill Everything

Like all dungeon crawlers, you’d regularly encounter the situation of combat not exactly being a breeze, but not worthwhile for experience too. You know, when combat becomes a draggy sequence of hitting the weak spots and so on. When this happens, demand cash from enemies instead of slaughtering them. You’d be surprised how much money you can get. Actually, I found this the best way to gain cash.

10) Have a Proper Mix of Skills. The most important of all Persona 5 tips for combat

Veteran Persona and Shin Megami Tensei players know this. The right mix of skills is a game-breaker. Never enter palaces or Mementos equipped with a skewed selection.

The game makes it easy for you in this area. Your companions have distinctive affinities. Whatever is missing, use Joker i.e. the Wild Card to supplement. In turn, this means you need to be mindful during fusion and inheritance of spells. The worst fusion mistake to make is to end up with a set of personas with all the same elemental spells and weaknesses.

Suggestion: Make elemental and forces sets at night to supplement whatever you are missing. You gain proficiency in the process!

Additional suggestion: Don’t simply aim for hold ups; this doesn’t work well with physics resistant enemies. Instead, use the right follow-up spells. A snoozing enemy will have a really bad day if you follow up with a psychokinetic blast.

Persona 5 Tips
Persona 5’s combat system is designed around weaknesses and ailments. Pay attention to the battle commentaries by Morgana/Makoto/Futaba to know how to fully exploit weaknesses and ailments.

11) Be Mindful of Arcana When Fusing

Fusing personas with arcanas you have confidants for not only gives you experience boosts, possession of these personas also improves your subsequent social interactions. With so much to do in Persona 5, you must maximise benefits from every activity.

Correspondingly, you should also schedule your social interactions based on the personas you are holding. This calculative move takes some fun out of the game; maybe you just wanna hang out with Ryuji all the time. But if you want to achieve a splendid end-game build …

12) Return Your Rental DVDs, or Not

I shuddered when I realised I was late in returning my DVDs. (Happens a lot for me in real life). After which I moaned at the late fee quoted.

And then I discovered, there’s such a thing as waiver.

Don’t make it a habit though! Dropping by the DVD shop doesn’t expend time; do it when you head to the gear store. Anyway, it pays to regularly check out the DVD store and WATCH those DVDs you rent. Like books and movies, they are a flexible, convenient way to boost lacking social stats.

Persona 5 Tips
Another benefit of watching DVDs, you’d get a good laugh.

13) Train! Juice Up! Yeah!

As like the case of work, I avoided training and the Shibuya juice shop for over twenty hours into Persona 5. It changed after I discovered training boosts your HP.

On top of which, juice helps you to juice up …

In short, be a healthy young man! Exercise regularly and eat healthily! You are going to need all the boosts you can get with latter palaces and bosses.

14) Take Note of Special Days and Conditions

Morgana would remind you endlessly about this when entering Mementos. Weather could make your Mementos run really easy. Likewise, studying on rainy days provides better boosts, and so on.

In addition, shops also retail special items, or provide discounts, on certain days and timing. Whatever is sold might not feel worthwhile early in the game. But you bet game-breakers would spring up in latter story arcs.

15) The Most Important of All Persona 5 Tips. Focus! But Don’t Get Obsessive

I think the best part about Persona games is that they offer such a unique blend of fantasy and reality. The reality part requires you to plan carefully if you want the most out of the game. But seriously, there’s little need to be obsessive.

I mean, how many perfect students are there in Japan? In the world? Are you a perfect student?

To put it in another way, have fun! Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you need to cramp before exams because you forgot about them. In my opinion, this is actually the best part of the game. To face your weaknesses, remember, is the first step to having a real persona.

I’m sure there are other Persona 5 tips that I left out! If you have any, please comment or drop me a mail!

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