Movie Review – Goemon (2009)

A creative re-imagination of the Japan’s Robin Hood, Goemon (2009) delights with its gorgeous backdrops and atmospheric fight sequences.

Goemon (2009) movie review

Goemon (2009) Synopsis

After the death of his master Oda Nobunaga, ninja Ishikawa Goemon switched to being a Robin Hood like thief. One night, he steals a mysterious box with strange wordings on it. The secret contained with the box would eventually reveal the truth behind Nobunaga’s death, and possibly reunite Goemon with his beloved Princess Chacha.

Snappy Review

I watched Goemon on release day back in 2009.

I was greatly looking forward to it for I’ve been a fan of Konami’s Ganbare Goemon game series since 12.

The movie didn’t disappoint, but I left the cinema with another video game series in mind. What was I reminded of? Capcom’s Onimusha series.

That’s the way to describe the movie. It’s an Onimusha sibling. Like the game series, Goemon (2009) is a dazzling feast of spectacular CGI backdrops and superhuman aerobics and historical name popping, laced together in MTV-like style under director Kazuaki Kiriya’s stylistic hand. Added to this is also lead Yōsuke Eguchi’s charismatic screen presence, and a sappy but irresistible love story. If you like your medieval Japanese movies to be all about visual beauty and not historical accuracy, if you love famous historical characters turning up at every corner, you would love Goemon (2009). I certainly enjoyed it despite knowing Japan couldn’t possibly have looked that way during the 16th century. At the same time,  I was also amused by the new take on the power struggle between Japan’s three most famous warlords. It was very game-like. Very manga-like. Again, very Onimusha like.

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