Persona Official Magazine Persona 20th! – Apr 11, 2017

Right. If you’ve been reading my posts, you’d know I’m currently obsessed with Persona 5.

Which led me, last Saturday, to make a trip down to Kinokuniya to grab the last copy of Persona Official Magazine Persona 20th!

The last, or the only copy. This has actually been on the racks for a while. I saw it. I wanted it. But I figured I’d enjoy it (far) more if I buy it after I started playing the game. Amazingly, I managed to survive the wait. And the magazine remained unsold!

Persona Official Magazine - Persona 20!
Persona Official Magazine – Persona 20! I resisted temptation for months!

The whole magazine is very much a tribute to the Persona franchise. Around a fifth of it is devoted to introducing the games in chronological sequence, including the spin-offs for the hand-held consoles. Having obsessed over most of these titles for weeks and months, the information presented was nothing new to me. Still, it was enjoyable to see all the Persona characters assembled together. I particularly like the cast introductions.

Persona Official Magazine - Persona 20!
Persona 2 synopsis. The twin episodes of P2 were the only ones I didn’t play fully, for all sorts of reasons. I really should revisit them.
Persona Official Magazine - Persona 20!
Cast of Persona 4. Still my favourite bunch.
Persona Official Magazine - Persona 20!
Persona 5 section. Mostly fan tidbits.
Persona Official Magazine - Persona 20!
The Phantom Thieves!
Persona Official Magazine - Persona 20!
Social links / confidants comparison. This is very useful!

There were also lengthy interviews with producer Hashino Katsura and character designer Soejima Shigenori. As well as a full listing of all Persona music albums released to date. On the latter, I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any music lead sheets in the magazine, given there has already been a P5 concert. But oh well. Anyway, the magazine did come with a poster and a clear file.

Persona Official Magazine - Persona 20!
Soejima Shigenori. The mastermind behind P5’s distinctive style.
Around a fifth of the magazine is manga. I think this is a promotion for a new Persona Comic Anthology.

By the way, the ignorant fan I am, I didn’t know Persona Official Magazine is regularly published by Kadogawa Corporation. What I bought isa special edition to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the franchise. Now that I’ve discovered it, I’d probably be on the lookout for old issues the next time I visit Japan.

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