Movie Review – The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy (2017) tries to please. But it ends up being unfunny, messy, and too desperate to remind.

The Mummy (2017) review

The Mummy (2017) Synopsis

In Ancient Egypt, Princess Ahmanet forms a pact with the evil god Set after she is denied ascension to the throne. She then murders her entire family. To punish her, Egyptian priests mummify her alive and bury her in a tomb of mercury. Jump forward to modern-day Iraq, soldier of fortune Nick Morton discovers Ahmanet’s prison, and in an unthinking moment, frees her. Condemned thus to be Ahmanet’s chosen, Nick is forced to work with the mysterious organisation Prodigium to stop the revived princess. Through them, he learns with horror that Ahmanet intends to use him as the vessel to bring Set into the world.

Snappy Review

I’m going to focus on the better parts of The Mummy (2017), given so many negative things about it have already been posted online.

Which means this post is going to be kinda short, since there’s really, really, very few good things to say …

Let’s see. There’s the plane crash segment and some brief but reasonable effects. There’s also Universal’s very marked effort to recreate the ambience of their past gems; creepy crypts, things popping out of the water, the likes of. For those of us who remember watching these in classic horror movies, there’s a vague sense of nostalgia.

Finally, there’s French-Algerian actress Sofia Boutella. She does a reasonable job with the antagonist, alternating between vulnerable, sultry, and mysterious. Her performance probably would have resonated much more, though, had her character been described as less sinister. Somehow, she just doesn’t feel as evil as said to be. The movie itself also seems undecided about the sort of villain she is. At a certain point, it almost wants you to regard her as a victim.

Yup. That’s about all that I like about The Mummy (2017). Here’s my big problem with all these. You get least half of these good bits just by watching the trailer. If this is meant to be the launchpad of the Dark Universe, I think the future of that Universe is dark indeed, no pun intended. Throwing in big, A-list names is obviously not going to save it too.

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