My Electone Upload for this month.

New Electone Upload & LG G6 Recording Difficulties – Jun 16, 2017

It’s Friday. Clean up day. Both for the house and this week’s list of outstanding work.

In the case of work, it’s to complete the recording for my next YouTube Electone upload. I’m more than a week late on this, going by my own schedule. Once again, I’ve vastly underestimated the difficulty of the score. This is doubly humiliating given the score is a standard Grade 5, and but four pages long. (Albeit, four pages with a LOT of bars squeezed in)

Song is Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing. The Tori Kelly version sang by Meena the shy elephant at the end of Sing (2016). That scene was positively the most euphoric cinematic moment for me last year. When I saw the song title on the cover of the May edition of Monthly Electone, I bought that issue right away. Overall, the arrangement is not exactly the same as that performed by Meena; it removed the rubato intro. But it’s very close to Tori’s MTV, with really great drums.

Anyway, here’s the Electone upload! : )

Amazon has a few issues of Monthly Electone on sale. For the latest issues, though, you have to buy via Amazon Japan.
Email me if you need help buying via Amazon Japan. I can run you through the steps.

Recording Difficulties – LG G6 vs LG G4

Something else about this Electone upload. Not to make excuses for needing double the time to do a Grade 5 pop song, but I had a lot, A LOT of issues with the recording.

No thanks to my new LG G6 phone.

The phone is not performing as magnificently as I expected it to. I bought it specifically to record my Electone videos, but so far, the results are disappointing, to say the least. It’s not that the recordings aren’t clear, they are sharp enough. But at all settings, including with ISO at its lowest, the recordings come out extremely grainy. Or in Photoshop terms, extremely noisy.

In fact, my old G4 feels to be doing a better job. The situation is the same with photo-taking. If you zoom into the static picture above, you’d see how jagged/grainy the picture is. Take note, I took this pic using a photo-box, and with one studio lamp glaring at it.

It’s terrible. I spent hours fiddling with all available settings, to no avail. I also have no idea why so many blogs and reviews are extolling G6 video quality. Is it because I’m doing something wrong? Or, good lord, did I purchase a lemon unit?


On the bright side, the G6 is very fast in other operations. Headphone audio quality is also superb. But … I meant to use it mainly for my Electone uploads. The whole situation reminds me of what happened with the Nokia N80 ten years ago. I can’t believe such things are still going on with cellphones!


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