Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet

Dinner with Parents at Nanjing Impressions – Jul 26, 2017

I’ve walked past Nanjing Impressions at Plaza Singapura several times this year, but have never gone in since it felt more to be a group dining kind of establishment. Being at Plaza Singapura again today with my elderly ones to settle some telco issue, I took the opportunity to check out the place and suggested having dinner there. My impression of the restaurant so far is that it has to be pretty good. Whenever I pass by it on weekends, it’s positively packed.

We went in at around half past five, and so the dinner crowd has yet to start. This gave us plenty of time to pour over the quite extensive menu, which conveniently comes with pictures of signature dishes to help diners unfamiliar with Nanjing cuisine. Leaving father with the task of ordering, I wandered about snapping some pictures. (With my LG G6, by the way. Camera quality seemed to have improved since an update) To paraphrase what mom said after we ordered, sitting in Nanjing Impressions really feels as if one is dining in historical China. The illusion is further enhanced by the atmospheric ping tan (评弹) music playing over the speakers.

Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet
The “da pai dian,” or street stall part of the restaurant, I guess. You don’t order here, of course. It’s for visual effect.
Suzhou ping tan music live performance at Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura outlet.
Live Ping Tan performance. I’m stunned that mom knew what this was right away. She even knew what the instruments were. (Never look down on your elderly ones!)
Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet.
Overview of the restaurant. I think everyone loves the hanging lanterns.

According to online write-ups, Nanjing Impressions, or Nanjing Da Pai Dang in Chinese, has over 40 outlets in China and was the Golden Tripod Winner of the “Top Ten Brands of Chain Restaurant in China” in 2013. Its emphasis is on the preservation and promotion of Chinese Huaiyang cuisine, as well as recreating the glorious days of Nanjing’s past. From what I can see, the restaurant certainly places a lot of importance on its branding, and I not just talking about the décor here. There are lots of small touches to complete that sensation of being in Nanjing’s past, from how the dishes are named, to the job designations of the staff, to the folding menu. Overall, I also found service to be prompt and attentive.

Jiangnan Seafood Bucket soup at Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet
Jiangnan Seafood Bucket soup. The Chinese name for this is Jiang Nan Shui Xian Yi Tong Xian (江南水乡一桶鲜). Hard for me to translate, but it sounds really lyrical.
Jinling Roast Duck at Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet
The signature Jinling Roast Duck. This might be a little too salty for some people, but I enjoyed it.
Claypot Cabbage with Cured Meat at Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet
Claypot Cabbage with Cured Meat. I loved this! Bits of dried chilli really add a kick to flavourful taste.
Imperial Scholar Spring Rolls at Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet
I have no idea why this is called Imperial Scholar Spring Rolls. Compared to usual spring rolls, it’s much longer. It’s not only chives too. There are tofu bits and other stuffs.
Savoury Radish Pancakes at Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet
Savoury Radish Pancakes. My elderly ones liked this, but I’m not too into radish.
Osmanthus-Scented Steamed Sponge at Nanjing Impressions Plaza Singapura Outlet
Osmanthus-Scented Steamed Sponge. Despite the name, this is nothing at all like sponge cake. It’s closer to Japanese yokan in feel, and much chewier.

Nanjing Impressions is on the fourth floor of Plaza Singapura, within the new annex and next to Standard Chartered Bank. Check it out if you’re curious about Nanjing / Huaiyang cuisine. Or looking for an atmospheric spot to dine at.


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