Peranakan Museum, Singapore.

Singapore Night Festival 2017: Peranakan Museum

Again, as I wrote in the second part of my double post on the Night Festival, I visited the Peranakan Museum while touring the Fort Canning zone of the festival. Here are the photos taken during that brief visit.

Singapore Night Festival 2017: Peranakan Museum.
The façade all lit up as part of Singapore Night Festival 2017.

This is not my first visit to the Peranakan Museum, though the previous time I went in was eight years ago in 2009. Since then, I’ve long been intending to revisit, but it became one of those things I think about every now and then, but just never got down to. The museum opened till late as part of the night festival was thus the perfect opportunity for me, especially with me carrying my DSLR. Best of all, I simply adore museums at night. Somehow there’s a completely different feel, even if you can’t actually tell any difference when inside. The entire ambiance is just more, I don’t know, romantic?

Peranakan Museum, Singapore.
One of the many themed displays introducing the lifestyles of the Babas and Nyonyas.
Peranakan Museum, Singapore
Wedding Chamber.
Peranakan Museum - Menshen, or Gods of the Door.
Men Shen, or Gods of Door display.

Incidentally, I didn’t read most of the display explanations as I was “rushing” for time. There was one more night festival area of the Fort Canning zone I wanted to get to. One of these days, I probably return to have a more detailed look at everything. (Hopefully, not eight years later!)

Peranakan Museum, Singapore.
The Peranakans are descended from the Chinese, so there are plenty of Chinese-themed displays.
Peranakan Museum, Singapore.
Fashion parade.
Peranakan Museum, Singapore.
A typical Peranakan kitchen? Of late, I’ve noticed a lot of young families are decorating their kitchens this way to achieve that “heritage” feeling.

Speaking of heritage decorations, I once thought about doing up my home that way too. Eventually I decided I’m too rough to be able to handle all that lacquered wood.

Peranakan Museum, Singapore.
Peranakan Museum, Singapore.
Portrait of a Nyonya woman.

Update: Aug 26, 2017

Went in again and took this picture. It’s a glow-in-the-dark mural, one of the featured displays of the night festival. I have to say I’m rather neutral to it overall, though I love the cha-cha music that was playing in the room!

Peranakan Museum, Glow in the Dark Mural.
Glow in the Dark mural at Peranakan Museum, Singapore. Part of Singapore Night Festival 2017

The Peranakan Museum would be opened till midnight on Aug 24, 25, and 26.


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