Girls Trip review

Movie Review – Girls Trip

Girls Trip was a little too crude, too slapstick. I didn’t mind too much, though, for it was genuinely fun to watch.

Girls Trip movie review

Girls Trip Synopsis

At the height of her career, writer Ryan Pierce has an epiphany and realises she badly misses her closest friends Sasha, Dina and Lisa. She thus decides to organise a weekend in New Orleans during the annual Essence Music Festival. In the crazy night that follow, they will both rekindle their sisterhood and come to terms with failures in their lives they have kept hidden for far too long.

Snappy Review

Road trip movies and all their variants aren’t really my cup of tea. Funny as they usually are, I feel most tend to rely too much on crude humour and gags. Characterisation also tends to be too over woven or exaggerated, in order to facilitate some sort of dramatic plotline. The impression I always get at the end of such movies is, hey, only colourful people like these are able to have such unforgettable experiences. Wait, what am I thinking? Nobody can have such memorable experiences during any trip. It’s sheer make-believe. Often overly vulgar and tasteless too.

In the same way, Girls Trip is crude and shocking. It’s full of language and gags you wouldn’t want to use with your mother, and hilarious as she was, Tiffany Haddish’s character was just too outrageous to be believable. (To an extent, the same for Jada Pinkett Smith’s Lisa) What lifts the movie, on the other hand, is the fun that all four leads appear to be having with their roles. It’s an infectious fun. It sweeps you up and invites you to partake in its abandonment. Most of all, it communicates a sense of genuine friendship between the four women. A bond also peppered with surprisingly tender and insightful moments that are terrifically easy to relate to. While watching, I found myself frequently reminded of my closest school friends. And while my gang doesn’t exactly party like the cast, not any more anyway, it still filled me with a deep and heartening warmth. This, I would say, is the greatest triumph of Girls Trip. Slightly unrealistic and full of clichés it might be, it still successfully celebrates the wonderful bond that is lifelong friendship. It makes you long for such friends, or glad to already have some.


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