Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

Movie Review – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle doubles all that’s beloved about the first episode. It borders on overkill, but it’s also 141 minutes of sheer indulgence.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Synopsis

Kingsman reject Charlie Hesketh ambushes Eggsy Unwin and successfully infiltrates the Kingsman mainframe, resulting in the destruction of all Kingsman bases across Britain. With Merlin and him being the only survivors, Eggsy executes the doomsday protocol which leads them to Statesman, their American equivalent based in Kentucky. Through the aid of Statesman, they then determine the enemy to be the Golden Circle, a high tech drug cartel led by ruthless businesswoman Poppy Adams. They also discover to the joy that Harry Hart, long presumed dead, is alive and well with Statesman. Albeit with a severe case of injury-induced amnesia.

Snappy Review

How often do you encounter this situation? With no great expectations, you head to the cinema to catch the latest action flick. Turns out, it’s one of the best you’d watch that year.

Two, three years later, a sequel is released and with great enthusiasm, you hit the big screen on opening week. Everything about the sequel is as great as you hope for it to be. Yet strangely, the audience at large doesn’t feel the same. Most reviews on and offline grumble about how the movie doesn’t live up to its predecessor.

That’s the case for me with Kingsman: The Golden Circle. While I wouldn’t say this sequel is a perfect ten, it baffles me why some audiences find it a weak successor to the 2014 hit. True, many parts of it are overblown, and the inclusion of so many things and A-Stars ends up dragging out the story. That said, it’s still a celebration of everything that’s ridiculous but beloved about the first movie. It also takes the marked effort to complete the story of Eggsy Unwin’s transformation, which was done in a somewhat too fairy tale like way, but come on, isn’t this meant to be a fun movie?

In short, I feel Kingsman: The Golden Circle was a thrilling and light-hearted 140 minutes that delivered the goods. While some over-the-top sequences made my eyes roll, the various outrageous surprises more than compensate. On the latter, these could easily be enjoyed by anyone, provided one doesn’t nit-pick.


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