Free Electone Score - 深愛著你

New Electone Arrangement: 深愛著你 – Oct 25, 2017

A simple arrangement of the 1985 Cantopop hit 深愛著你, in memory of the late Danny Chan Pak-Keung.
(Edited Dec 4, 2017: Amended D.S. sign. My god! I made such a horrid mistake. Thanks to a friend on FB who highlighted)

My Mom’s been a big fan of Danny Chan (陳百強) since the 80s. If you know who Danny is, I’m sure you can understand why, yes? He was such the perfect Chinese son. So decent looking and musically talented, on top of being a great singer. (官仔骨骨 ,又識彈琴唱歌 , 好叻仔啊!) When Danny died in 1993 after a 17-month coma, Mom was heartbroken. Till today, she still laments how no one in the Canto music world can match up to Danny. Actually, she said it as recent as yesterday. She spent the early evening listening to his greatest hits, and made that comment when I called her.

As for me, I didn’t share her enthusiasm. I didn’t mind Danny’s music, but I was hardly a fan. This dramatically changed in 2007, the May of which I took my first solo trip to Hong Kong. Now, I can’t exactly remember what happened. Maybe I heard one of Danny’s hits drifting out from a music store while fleeing the scent/stench of smelly tofu at Temple Street. Or maybe it was something on TVB Jade that I watched while in the hotel. * Whatever it was, it made me search for his songs on YouTube. What then followed was one of those inexplicable music moments. I utterly fell in love with his ballads. Once back in Singapore, I immediately bought a double CD compilation of his greatest hits. I’ve been a fan since, possibly an even bigger one than my mother.

Coming back to the Electone and 深愛著你 (shen ai zhe ni), I’ve been keen on arranging this songs for years. This is not only due to my love for his music, but also because I’m rather appalled by how there’s so few YouTube Electone uploads of his songs. (He was the 1978 Hong Kong Yamaha Electone Festival Winner) Coincidentally, this is also October, the month of Danny’s passing; he died on October 25, 1993 after being comatose for 17 months. This post and Electone arrangement are thus in memory of this great Cantopop icon too. R.I.P., Danny 仔. You may have left us two decades ago, but your music still remains in our hearts.

Free Electone Score & Registration for 深愛著你

Warning! The registration is a zip file! You might need to disable your virus/malware protection before downloading.



Arrangement Notes

  • I did this Electone arrangement in a rush, as I wanted to upload/post on October 25. Therefore, it is … straight-forward, to put it that way. A Grade 7-6, at worst/most.
  • It is, to be honest, unnecessary to play the melody of Section B on the lower keyboard. But I arranged it this way to mimic what Danny did in the MTV from ’85.
  • I’d confess this. Despite being a fan, I vastly underestimated the sophistication of Danny’s singing. Using one sound/instrument to mimic his vocals just doesn’t cut it, not without a lot of expression and touch manipulation. If you’re downloading the score and registration, I would recommend experimenting with after-touch and variation of playing styles in the soprano sections.
  • On the soprano, I’m frankly not too satisfied with what I did for the chorus. (I.E. Registration 9) Please feel free to change if you’re downloading my registration.
  • In the original chorus of深愛著你, there’s a signature “echo” effect. I’ve tried mimicking this with an extreme echo/delay on a secondary sound. IT CAME OUT AWFUL, to say the least. Regrettably, I can’t think of any other method except through XG, and so I decided to leave that out.

Just to share, I originally intended to do Section D in a Jazz Organ way. You know, lots of blocky chords played on the upper keyboard, this for the purpose of honouring Danny’s Electone championship in 1978. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work … But feel free to try if you’re keen.

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