Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017 Opening Night.

Christmas Light-Up in Singapore 2017 Part 1 – Nov 11, 2017

I’ve been posting about festive light-ups in Singapore the whole year. Here’s the latest and final one for the year. Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017!

Arguably the most visited one of all. Also, the original one that gave birth to the rest. How fondly I remember the earliest ones in the 80s! When gold, not blue or silver, bedecked the entire shopping stretch.

To share a little, I’ve been looking forward to this year’s Christmas Light-Up, and it’s not because of this blog or because I prefer Christmas over all earlier festivals. It’s that Tree of Time outside Ngee Ann City, essentially a countdown meter for the event. I first saw it two-and-a-half weeks ago, right before watching Thor: Ragnarok. Amazing the kind of effect this straightforward installation had on me. I guess it’s not too different from the way badges encourage netizens to churn out free reviews one after another, or how accomplishments in WoW can hook a player for weeks and months.

Tree of Time at Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017
The Tree of Time before and during this year’s Christmas Light-Up.

Anyhow, the lead-up to the Light-Up wasn’t very promising, as in the weather. It’s been raining the entire week and for a great part of the afternoon, it felt as if opening night for the celebration might be affected. Thankfully the skies cleared up by late afternoon. Everywhere was still damp when I got down to Orchard Road, but it wasn’t too unpleasant or too slippery to stroll about.

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017
Forum Galleria’s tree for this year.
Wheelock Place 2017 Christmas light-up decorations.
Main entrance to Wheelock Place.
Snowman decoration, Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017
A snowman decoration. As expected, they are now everywhere.
Ion Orchard's main display for Christmas festive light-up 2017.
Ion Orchard’s big tree for this year.

There was a slight let down during the evening. The main attraction of the light-up was naturally the street lights, as in the strings of wonderland decorations spanning the width of the road. By 8.00 pm, all were still off. Some clumsy online searching by the roadside also revealed no information. I keep getting the same 5-things-to-know Channel News Asia article that talked about the lights coming on at 3 pm. (What the …)

At 8.30 pm, I gave up waiting for I’ve bought tickets to watch Happy Death Day. Before entering the cinema, I wondered whether bad weather has indeed delayed the lighting up. At the same time, I was hoping that perhaps the key event was actually scheduled for a later hour. Maybe I’d get to enjoy them after the movie.

I’m happy to say it was a case of the latter.

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017
Down, or should I say, up-the-road view.
Light sculpture at Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017
One of several light sculptures.
Light Sculpture at Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017
Another light sculpture. Some sort of wonderland mushroom, I think.
Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017
The “stage” for Christmas Light-Up 2017. This was packed earlier on. I couldn’t get anywhere near it.

At the risk of offending online SG aficionados, I’m going to say this. Compared to past years, Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2017 feels a little too … monochrome? That main silver colour really doesn’t turn out too well on camera after lighting up, on top of it dominating everywhere. But, well, this is the sort of thing that might grow on you, given some time. And anyway there’s still the festive European-themed village due to later in the month. I’m sure the village would provide for a lot of pic-taking opportunities.


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