Baby Driver review

Movie Review – Baby Driver

Stylish and sleek, Baby Driver is all about feeling good, sounding good, and encouraging you to feel great about the world.

Baby Driver review

Baby Driver Synopsis

Baby is a talented getaway driver forced into working for Doc, a heist mastermind. Inflicted with Tinnitus after an accident in his childhood, he has to continuously listen to music on his iPod to mask the ringing, a necessity which often unnerves Doc’s partners. After paying off his debts to Doc, Baby quits crime and works as a pizza deliveryman, and develops a romance with diner waitress Debora. Sadly, his talent is simply too valuable for Doc to lose. After Debora’s life is threatened, Baby agrees to participate in yet another heist. One that involves three borderline insane and murderous criminals.

Snappy Review

I’ve finally gotten down to watching this. What’s been hailed as one of the best movies of 2017.

(And the cheapskate I am, I watched this during a flight. I.E. while fumbling with a meal and pleading for/demanding more wine)

It’s a movie that surfs on charisma, be it the attractive leads, the well-timed soundtrack, or the effective chase sequences. Good and bad are also so clearly defined, so beautifully defined, you can’t help but want to embrace the impossible fantasy of a hero who not only looks cherubic, he is equally angelic in everything else he does. (Yeah, he helps to rob, but he was forced into it and he doesn’t use the loot!) Given most other movies, I would scoff and mentally shut off before the movie is half done. But here’s where Baby Driver triumphs. I remained glued to it until the dreamy end. It was just so exuberant to watch and listen to.

And nope, it wasn’t because of the wine I was gulping down. The action aside, the soundtrack was that atmospheric. It’s like being in a diner with a splendid jukebox. Every song that comes out was so appropriate, so wonderful.


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