A Star Wars themed weekend in Singapore.

A Star Wars Themed Weekend in Singapore – Nov 25, 2017

The year-end Christmas season is also now Star Wars season. As official announcement, Stormtroopers have invaded Singapore!

Update Dec 14, 2017: Read my review of The Last Jedi!

Black Friday has gone by. Cyber Monday is soon to be over too. With that, the year-end (shopping & celebration) season officially begins. The same applies to Asian metropolises like Singapore too, oriental as we might be. Since 2015, the passing of these marketing highpoints also heralds the start of another season. One that involves starships, laser swords, and a certain mystical energy that connects all lifeforms.

Star Wars season.

Yes. Star Wars season is upon Singapore, the pinnacle of which would be Dec 14, the release day of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. In “celebration,” Star Wars themed exhibitions have popped up all over the island. Last night, I spent several hours checking out the one at The Centrepoint before heading over to Marina Bay Sands for the special Light and Water Show spectacular. Here are the pictures. And the remnants of my Kamino-like filming at the end of the evening …

The Centrepoint

There was a major exhibition happening at this venerable mall. Forgoing its usual December Christmas-y decorations, it has adopted Stormtroopers as mascots for the year-end.

The Centrepoint 2017 Star Wars Exhibition
Fulfilling your destiny since 1977. (And in the case of Christmas shopping wishes at The Centrepoint, since the mid-80s)
Stormtroopers menacing passer-bys outside The Centrepoint
Stormtroopers menacing passer-bys outside the mall.
X-Wing Fighter at Orchard Road
X-Wing to the rescue!
Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter
Kylo’s Tie Fighter on the way to decimate the X-Wings.
A Star Wars themed weekend in Singapore.
Galactic conflict or not, merchandising must go on!
Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise
Last Jedi toys all over.

Marina Bay Sands Star Wars-Themed Light and Water Show

I chose last night to do my round because of this. The usual light and water show at Marina Bay Sands was featuring a special Star Wars-themed display. What I didn’t know was that there was going to be a cosplay event too. I was very lucky to walk right into a platoon just before the cosplayers presented themselves to the crowds.

Star Wars Cosplayers at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
I believe I was on the Dark Side … side of the walk-in.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cosplayers
Tie Fighter pilots have such … shiny helmets.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Light and Water Show.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Light and Water Show at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

And here’s the downer of the evening. Having previously not been successful with filming Spectra, because of people who kept stopping in front of my camera to go “ooooh,” I secured for myself a front row place for the show. As in, right at the railing before the water and alongside other enthusiasts. What happened? Got ourselves drenched silly, we did. The wind, coupled with the force of the jets, kept blowing the spray all over us. Not matter how I tried to WILL the blast away, it just kept coming. Actually, it even got stronger as the performance climaxed. No thanks to this, I only managed to record bits and pieces in between all the frantic attempts to shield my camera and wipe the lens. I did manage to record Leia, though. That’s a little light, for me, amidst the failure.

I have a second chance! There’d be a repeat performance on Dec 15, one day after The Last Jedi premiers. Mediate over how to do it properly, I will now do till then.


Update Dec 15, 2017

Meditate on the method, I didn’t do enough. Arrive early for the vantage spot I failed to do so too! And so I only managed to film this. It’s DRY and clear. But … somehow the previous one feels better.

The Force is truly not with me.


Update Jan 2, 2018

The Centrepoint - Jan 2, 2018
The troopers and guards promptly left after their contract ended on January 1st. What mercenaries!



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