Ocean Park Hong Kong - 海洋公园

That Ocean Park Weekend

The rest of my October pictures from Ocean Park Hong Kong. Featuring penguins, pandas, surly stingrays, and carnival rides. This is a long, picture-heavy post!


If you haven’t, check out my earlier post on Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2017.


Most travellers would know it by now, but I still have to say it. Ocean Park is huge. HUGE! I had a full day and no sticky schedule to stick to, and still I couldn’t cover all of the attractions by evening. This is one theme park that truly gives you value-for-money. It’s also a fantastic way to test how comfortable your travel boots really are. Regrettably, mine did not exactly pass the test with flying colours.

The Waterfront (海濱樂園)


Firstly, some access information. Ocean Park has never been hard to reach, but with the opening of the MTR South Island Line, it’s easier than ever. The park is 3 minutes’ walk from MTR Ocean Park Station, with the station itself a 5-minute ride from Admiralty Station, the heart of Hong Kong Island. If you’ve pre-purchased your ticket, there you go. 10 am you’re finishing breakfast beside Queen’s Central. 10.30 am, you’re exchanging surly stares with solemn mantas.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Main Entrance
Ocean Park Hong Kong Main Entrance Plaza.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - 40th Anniversary
Yes, it’s been there for 40 years. I first heard about the park way back in the early 80s. (That’s the MTR station at the back, btw.)
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Entrance Queues
Entrance queues … Luckily this was relatively fast moving.

Grand Aquarium (海洋奇觀)

Ocean Park Hong Kong - Grand Aquarium (海洋奇觀)
As the name says, the Grand Aquarium.

About the Grand Aquarium, it’s a minute from the main entrance and in my opinion, the only “true” marine attraction of the Waterfront Segment. While this sounds to be a downer, it’s actually the real attraction of Ocean Park. The exhibits, rides, activities, and shows within the park are that varied. Even if you hate fish, there are plenty of other things to enjoy.

Ocean Park Hong Kong - stingrays
He DID NOT approve of me photographing him. Hmpf!
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Stingray
They are really such graceful creatures, aren’t they?

And … I don’t have any other decent pictures from within the Grand Aquarium. Because it’s such a difficult environment for photography! No matter how great your camera supposedly is with noise control. 😛

Pandas, Koalas, and Caesar’s Emissary!

As mentioned above, other than marine life, Ocean Park features many other wildlife displays. Without doubt, the most famous of the rest would be the giant pandas. Regrettably, I was unable to photograph An An, who’s really old and was (I think) resting in the rear alcove. Fortunately, its younger counterparts were up and about in Giant Panda Adventure enclosure. They and the rest of their friends were very receptive to being photographed and swooned over.

Ocean Park Hong Kong - Giant Pandas
I don’t know who this kungfu master/mistress is. From eavesdropping on other visitors, I think it’s Le Le.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Giant Panda.
Pandas are … quite preoccupied with looking for food in real-life too. Ocean Park Hong Kong – Giant Panda.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Red Panda
Master Shifu! Or a relative of. He’s annoyed ‘cos he couldn’t find food in his enclosure.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Koala Bear
This little fellow just wants to take it easy under the late morning sun. Can’t say I disagree.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Sichuan Golder Snub-nosed monkey
The golden monkey emissary from the (planet of) the apes. Please excuse the … never mind.

Ocean Park Waterfront Performances

Like all major theme parks, Ocean Park is full of performances and road shows throughout the day.

Ocean Park Hong Kong - Aqua City Lagoon
Aqua City Lagoon fountain display.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Macaw Performance
An excited macaw.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Bamboo Jam Performance
Bamboo Jam. A new acrobatic performance near the pandas.

Other Areas of the Waterfront

Ocean Park Hong Kong - Old Hong Kong and Adventures in Australia
Old Hong Kong. The retro cinema houses Adventures in Australia, where the sleepy Koala resides.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Balloons Up-Up-And-Away
Balloons Up-Up-And-Away Ferris wheel ride in Whiskers Harbour.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Landscaping feature at Goldfish Treasures
Prosperity waterfall at Goldfish Treasures.

Cable Car Ride

Since its earliest days, Ocean’s Park cable car ride has been as famous as its marine life displays. Retro in appearance and hands-down one of the most panoramic rides in Asia, if not the world, this was what I was looking forward to most. It did not disappoint.

Ocean Park Cable Car leaving the Waterfront Station.
Gondolas leaving the Waterfront Station.
View from Ocean Park Cable Car.
Looking down on people. (Laugh)
View of Repulse Bay from Ocean Park Cable Car.
Spectacular view of Repulse Bay!
View from Ocean Park Cable Car Cabin.
Mechanical bubbles in the air.

The Summit (高峰樂園)

Maybe it’s the cable car ride, some parts of which got a little too “thrilling.” The Summit felt like a different realm altogether, one that emphasises more on carnival and thrill rides rather than cutesy animals. My time here was mostly spent just wandering about and snapping pictures whenever I could. The scaredy-cat I am, I skipped most of the thrill rides too. I found it much more entertaining guffawing at screaming people, from the comforting safety of solid ground. *wink*

Ocean Park Hong Kong - The Summit.
The “arctic” area. Two of the scariest rides are in this picture. Hair Raiser in the back, and Arctic Blast to the right.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Arctic Blast.
Happy visitors on Arctic Blast. They look so serene … Maybe I was a little too scared.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Hair Raiser.
Hair Raiser. And no. This pic isn’t inverted.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - North Pole Encounter Penguin.
My favourite little fella at North Pole Encounter. He looks like he’s having a Happy Feet moment.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Whirly Bird.
Whirly Bird, as sunset approaches.

By the way, if you’re waiting for pictures from Ocean Park’s world-famous Ocean Theatre performance, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The theatre was closed for maintenance that day. (I didn’t know beforehand) For me, I comforted myself by thinking, even seals and whales need their off-days! *sigh*


Never having been good with crowds or scary rides, my favourite time in any theme park is always evening. As the sun sets, the park springs to life once more with the switching on of fairy lights, taking on an ambience that’s both magical and mellow. I spent the earlier part of the evening watching various Halloween performances, some of which I’ve mentioned in my previous post. By the time it was dark, I was utterly worn out. After snapping some final pictures of Aberdeen from a vantage spot, I settled into a quiet cable car ride downhill. I ended my visit appreciating the evening colours of the Aqua City Lagoon.

Ocean Park Hong Kong - Carnival Games at Marine World
Ocean Park Hong Kong – Carnival Games at Marine World.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - The Eagle and Ocean Theatre
Eagle … and the closed-for-maintenance Ocean Theatre.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Flying Swing.
Flying swing.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Marine World Ferris Wheel.
Where I took the previous pics from.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Waterfront Night View.
Evening view of the Waterfront from up above.
Ocean Park Hong Kong - Old Hong Kong
Old Hong Kong at night. There’s Mr. Evil Eunuch/Courtier there.
Aqua City Lagoon, Ocean Park Hong Kong
Colourful finale for the day.

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