Don Don Donki opens in Singapore!

Japan’s Donki Hits Singapore – Dec 1, 2017

Japan’s Donki, also known as Don Quijote opens in Orchard Central today!

It’s Dec 1st and it’s a happy, exciting day for me because …

Don Quijote opens in Singapore today!

I’m all hyped up over this. Ever since hearing about it at the start of the year. Don Quijote is my all-time favourite Japanese discount retail chain, you see, and if you’ve ever been to a Donki branch in Japan, you’d understand why. This is like, the Mustapha of Japan. Where every alley is so compact, so colourful, and so choked full of tempting merchandise. During my first visit to the Kabukicho branch, I spent, like, one hour on one floor. (Ahem! The cosplay one) There was just that many things to look at and be fascinated by. From a practical travel point of view, it’s also so convenient for last-minute souvenirs and gifts hunting.

On top of which, you have endorsements like …

Yakuza 0 Screenshot - Don Quijote Store
A certain legendary character was buying from Donki all the way back in the 80s.
Yakuza 6 Selfie- Don Quijote Store
He was still buying from Donki when middle-aged and bewildered by our modern world.
Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! Screenshot
The store supposedly was in business as far back as the Meiji Era!!

The Ryū ga Gotoku fan I am, how could I possibly not love Don Quijote?

Don Don Donki at Orchard Central

Now, excited as I was, I must admit I forgot about the opening in recent months. When I searched online for information earlier in the year, there wasn’t any concrete info and after a while, I just assumed it was one of those business things. That maybe the chain wasn’t coming to Singapore after all. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I walked into a whole group of Donki staff energetic preparing for the opening last Saturday. Donki was finally here. I simply couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of the store while it was being stocked.

Japan's Donki opens in Singapore!
The food section.
Don Don Donki at Orchard Central before official opening.
Noodles! Notice there were instant noodles all over the Yakuza 0 version of the store too.

Jump forth 5 days, and the 15,000 square feet, double-storey store is in business.

Don Don Donki crowds on opening day.
As expected, huge, enthusiastic crowd.
Don Don Donki Singapore - Dropped Violently Festival
Geki ochi! Dropped violently! Which shopper can resist that! (Even if it’s not the price)
Don Don Donki Singapore - Shoes Section
Sneakers section.
Don Don Donki Singapore - Japanese bags
Psst. Give these to your friends and you can tell them you just returned from a secret Japanese vacation.
Don Don Donki Singapore - Don Quijote socks
Donki’s signature socks.

If you have been reading Japan travel articles or top-10 lists, you’d know Donki’s socks frequently appear as star souvenirs. The selection in the Singaporean store is smaller than, say, that at the Dotonbori branch. Marginally more expensive too. Still, I think they are a great buy. Probably make for great festive gifts for kids as well.

By the way, so I’ve read, the name “Don Don Donki” was decided on because there’s already a restaurant in Singapore named Don Quijote. This Singaporean name actually confused me a little over the week, as I always think of the chain by its Japanese name. It’s great that other write-ups have clarified.

Don Don Donki Singapore - Party Costumes
The party and cosplay section. I … will refrain from further comments.
Don Don Donki Singapore - Whisky section
Japanese whiskies. I don’t drink whisky at all, but believe me when I say I know all these by heart. That’s thanks to the lengthy tutorials in Yakuza 0.
Don Don Donki Singapore - Sushi section
Sushi section.
Don Don Donki Singapore - bar
Donki Bar?


I have a new favourite hangout in town!


Yakuza screengrabs belong to, ta da, Sega!
This post is also my “subtle” statement about brand placements in video games. Hear, hear, retailers. You can gain really devoted fans this way.


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