Paddington 2 Movie Review.

Movie Review – Paddington 2

What is it about a talking bear with perfect manners that’s so irresistible? You might find yourself wondering this after watching the delightful Paddington 2.

Paddington 2 Movie Review.

Paddington 2 Synopsis

While searching for a birthday gift for Aunt Lucy, Paddington finds an antique pop-up book depicting the landmarks of London. Unfortunately, the book is expensive and Paddington is forced to do odd jobs in order to save up for the gift. Right before earning enough money, the book is mysteriously stolen by a bearded thief, in spite of Paddington’s frantic attempt to stop him. Worse, Paddington is wrongfully convicted for the theft and thrown into prison. As the talking bear languishes behind bars, the Browns desperately hunt for clues pointing to the real culprit.

Snappy Review

Each year, hundreds of movies are lambasted for being formulaic, predictable, or marketing vehicles for kids’ merchandise.

And yet ever so often, you get a movie like Paddington 2. Which is all of the above, but still undeniably splendid.

What is it that worked so well with Paddington 2? Or it is just a simple case of the movie standing on the shoulders of its highly successful printed counterparts? I think it’s a matter of the movie knowing which buttons to push and doing so with a subtle consistency that’s not too unlike the bear’s perfect manners. This is a movie presenting the best of British children’s storytelling, and British tourism, and with the steady hand of a master weaver, it delivers all expected tropes with wonderful finesse and politeness. However absurd the adventure gets, you wouldn’t roll your eyes because the story is just so fun to be part of. It is also so safe and so comfortable to immerse oneself into.

I wish there were more movies like this. I also share that right after watching, I brought marmalade and had that for breakfast this morning. The movie worked its magic that deeply into me.


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