7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge

Scribbling Geek’s 7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge

I decided to finally put my Netflix subscription to good use, by indulging in a 7 Day Netflix Christmas movie binge.
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1. A Christmas Prince

7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge - A Christmas Prince

Synopsis: Predictable but likeable story of a young journalist meeting a Prince during her first real assignment. You can guess what happens between the two by the time Christmas arrives.

Snappy Review: A modern variation of the Cinderella story, minus the wicked stepmother, pumpkin carriage and talking mice. What makes it palatable is the reasonable acting by both leads and the anchor provided by the always reliable Alice Krige. And then there are the atmospheric winter shots of Romania’s Peleș Castle, easily one of the most distinctive structures of East Europe. (A must-visit for Castlevania fans too) In other words, you can enjoy this for the ambience, if not the story.


2. Krampus: The Christmas Devil

7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge - Krampus: The Christmas Devil

Synopsis: As a child, Jeremy Duffin was abducted by a mysterious monster and nearly drowned in an icy lake. In adulthood, and now a cop, Duffin finds himself face-to-face with the creature once more as child disappearances again seize his town.

Snappy Review: Watching this taught me an important lesson. Read introductions/synopses carefully! I thought this was Krampus by Michael Dougherty, which enjoys a respectable rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Well, it’s not, and what it is instead is a somnambulistic drift punctuated by frenetic bursts of verbal foulness. (And yes, I know it’s low-budgeted. But still, does it cost that much to craft a better story?) It’s great, though, for that sort of late night party. You know, when everybody is half drunk, half silly, and so hungry for something to joyfully condemn. Under those circumstances, this movie would be perfect.


3. Arthur Christmas

7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge - Arthur Christmas

Synopsis: Ever scorned the concept of Santa Claus because how on earth could some fatso deliver presents to billions of children within one night? Arthur Christmas reveals the secret, as well as shares how Santa is at the same time, just as human as you and I.

Snappy Review: Children would love this flick. Adults would find meaning and resonance in the slyly presented family dynamics. The winning element here is not the imaginative modernisation of the Santa concept, or the great voiceovers by James McAvoy and Bill Nighy, it’s the splendid humanisation of Santa. During which ageing, relevance, and inter-generation abrasions are all succinctly discussed. A magical winner, this one is. Great for a Christmas Eve viewing. Or any time before and after.

PS: If I were to recommend only one title from this Netflix Christmas movie binge, this would be the one.


4. Christmas Inheritance

Netflix's Christmas Inheritance Movie Poster.

Synopsis: The age old story of a spoilt heiress discovering the real meaning of life, by returning to her father’s snow covered hometown.

Snappy Review: Like A Christmas Prince, this Netflix Christmas movie operates on a formula that’s almost fool proof. And it would have worked had Eliza Taylor not been miscast. Though she tries hard, with the story throwing in all sorts of absurd gags to assist, Taylor sadly just doesn’t come across as the pampered party brat who can’t even vacuum a room. On the contrary, she feels more to be the independent, aware, and capable rich girl with an emotionally scarred past.

Which she eventually morphs into, and shines, when the story switches angle in the second half. That aside, this Netflix exclusive is sleek and polished, full of snowy festive scenes. Flaws considered, it’s altogether not too bad for a late evening viewing. I would suggest the final nights leading up to Christmas. (I.E. what I did)


6. Four Christmases

7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge - Four Christmases

Synopsis: No thanks to fog and a TV reporter, a couple’s plans to avoid their dysfunctional families over Christmas are thwarted. Would they survive the big day intact?

Snappy Review: Two words describe this. Silly and stupid. The gags aren’t the locker room sort, but they are about half an inch above and generally very unfunny. What kept me watching, though, was the premise of having to meet abhorrent relatives on big festive days. You know, when people you groan to receive an email from devote the entire afternoon to exposing your most humiliating secrets, and you still have to pretend to be “festive” around them. In my opinion, this movie would have been so much better with more sophisticated humour. Fewer character U-turns too.


6. Scrooged

7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge - Scrooged

Synopsis: Charles Dickens’ classic tale of Christmas redemption undergoes a modern retelling in this 80s Bill Murray signature.

Snappy Review: Funny thing is, I don’t remember watching Scrooged, yet many parts of the movie felt strangely familiar. Maybe it’s because the movie is so classic wacko 80s, full of Beetlejuice/Ghostbuster like effects and entirely surfing on Murray’s sardonic hysteria. To be honest, many of the gags here felt absurd, frequently a little dated too. Despite these, the euphoric, predictable ending still works. I found myself humming along to the ending song. In the process, experiencing more than a moment of Christmas cheer too.


7. A Wish for Christmas

7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge - A Wish for Christmas

Synopsis: Pushover Sara gets the best Christmas gift anyone could hope for. A wish granted by Santa himself. The condition, the magic would only last for 48 hours.

Snappy Review: This Netflix Christmas movie looks and feels like … a television Christmas movie! The type you show to young teens on nights leading up to Christmas, in hope that they learn some sort of important life lesson from it. It wasn’t a dreary watch for me, though, and that’s largely thanks to curiosity over what on earth is going to happen to Sara when the magic expires. That said, there was just way too much repetition of the word “Christmas” and too many close-ups of Lacey Chabert saying it. I get it. It’s about the spirit of Christmas and Lacey has big, beautiful eyes. But enough. Enough!


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