Movie Review – Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Maze Runner: The Death Cure concludes the trilogy with a string of daring escapades and explosive sequences. One does wish the story pays more attention to answering questions, though.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure movie review

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Synopsis

The Gladers stage a daring hijack of a WKCD freight train but fail to rescue Minho. Against the orders of Vince, they then decide to infiltrate the Last City where Minho is most likely being held. Meanwhile, Teresa and Ava Paige edge closer to a cure for the Flare. Time is also running out for humanity, with Paige predicting it is but a matter of time before the rest of mankind succumb to the airborne Flare.

Snappy Review

I have conflicting feelings toward the Maze Runner movie trilogy. Independently, I think all three episodes worked, at least as popcorn flicks. As a whole, the story is more or less respectable too. Sure, the eponymous maze doesn’t appear beyond the first movie, but in replacement, there’s a certain “growth” in the story, if you know what I mean. You do feel the tale of the glader boys expanding and developing vigorously to achieve, ah, apocalyptic proportions.

These said, there is always that sensation of weirdness. Of illogic too, if I might add. It’s not only because certain key questions are never adequately answered, or that there was more than twice the gap between the second and third movie, compared to the first and second. It’s how all three movies are so different in feel. By itself, Maze Runner: The Death Cure is an engrossing watch, decently acted with exhilarating, imaginative rescue sequences and confrontations. But what happened to the whole zombie wasteland horror the second movie was written on? What about the techno-organic nightmare that was the life of the first movie?

To risk spoilers, Cranks have minimal appearances in Death Cure, despite being the heart of the story. Techno beastie had like, two minutes? One?

Admittedly, this discordant feel might be the shortcoming of the source material, which strident rewriting didn’t manage to rectify. (Or did it work the other way? I confess to not having read the books) In short, I wasn’t exactly bored by Death Cure. And yes, it got me to wonder what on earth are Newt’s real feelings towards “Tommy.” But I would say this conclusion to the trilogy is best enjoyed without thinking too much of the earlier episodes. Perhaps the producers should have removed the Maze Runner brand from the title too.


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