The Shape of Water moie review.

Movie Review – The Shape of Water

Some might find the story in The Shape of Water cliché. But believe me, Guillermo del Toro’s latest masterpiece offers an experience that’s so much more than that.

The Shape of Water movie review.

The Shape of Water Synopsis

Mute cleaner Elisa Esposito’s dreary life is flipped upside-down when she encounters a humanoid amphibian in the secret laboratory she’s assigned to clean. Intrigued by the mysterious creature, she attempts to communicate with it via food and music, and soon falls deeply in love with it. On discovering the laboratory’s intention to vivisect the creature, she convinces her neighbour and best friend to help her smuggle it out of the laboratory. Her efforts are complicated by other staff members also having a personal interest in the creature. One of which is a ruthless colonel intended on slaughtering the creature personally.

Snappy Review

Have you ever been entranced by aquatic beauty? Say, while gazing at the largest enclosure inside an oceanium? Or if you could afford it, when within a submarine journeying across a serene reef?

Have you ever been mesmerised by such undulating splendour? A world in which everything seems to be in constant movement. Where every light and every shade plays a part in bringing that splendour to life.

If you have and you enjoyed it, then you’d probably love The Shape of Water. As I did.

I believe so not just because of Sally Hawkins’ immaculate performance, or that … imaginative bathroom scene. More so, it’s the surreal fluidity that permeats the entire movie. Through a combination of lights, colours, music and cinematography, Guillermo del Toro’s latest masterpiece radiates with an allure that is frankly, quite impossible to resist. What’s doubly impressive is that this is a story that’s as predicable as it can get. You can easily guess how it’s going to pan out by the time the movie is half through. And yet, one can’t stop craving more, if only because it is such a luscious viewing experience. Is this itself proof that  del Toro will go down in cinematic history as one of the most accomplished directors ever? Again, I believe so. I strongly do. Frankly, I’d be very surprised at anyone who feels otherwise.


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