Who Am I?

Let’s see. This is a creative writing blog. But how else should I go about introducing it? Introducing myself?

Oh gosh. I’m really bad at such things.

But here goes. I’m into the usual geeky stuffs. Trivia, gaming, anime, those sort of things. In no way do I DARE to claim to be an expert in any of these, and so I’m the unimpressive, uncool type of home dwelling average geek.

I’m also into writing, particularly creative writing. This stems from me being an avid reader since the age ten. I read anything and everything. From teenage fiction to steamy online erotica to “100 books you must …” masterpieces. After gorging for decades on so many books, it’s only natural that I crave to have my own stories. My own masterpieces.

And oh, one more thing. I daydream, a lot. Most nights, I have difficulty falling asleep, because my mind would be spinning exotic fantasies. At 2am in the morning.

Those are the reasons for this blog. I’m looking to, merge my interests, you see. This is also not my first blog, and the reason for me terminating the previous one was because I delved into too many niches, and ended up choking myself silly with work. This time, I’d be focusing more on the sort of writing I love. Creative writing, or prose, or storytelling, whichever name it should be called. I’d be experimenting with different styles of storytelling, different genres of fiction. All posts would also, one way or another, overlap my other interests. And so I’d be writing about fantasy realms, space exploration, speculative scenarios, etc.

Lastly, I would be using a lot of 3D renders in this blog. Years ago, the marketing geniuses at Daz3D dazzled me hopelessly with their promotions, and so I spent a bomb buying their stuffs. (And … I’m still buying) I think it’s high time I put those purchases to practical use, and anyway, doing my own images allows me the flexibility I need for the kind of posts I’d be writing. If you are the sort who find 3D renders creepy, well, I do sincerely apologise.

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